Wireskip is an open source VPN protocol designed with the goal of providing unrestricted access to the internet from anywhere.

It's pretty fast, looks like regular HTTP/2 traffic, has multi-protocol support, multiplexed connections, onion encryption & routing and increased privacy.

$ curl ifconfig.co/country

United States

$ wireskip socks start

$ wireskip exec curl ifconfig.co/country


$ wireskip reload

$ wireskip exec curl ifconfig.co/country


$ wireskip config broker.circuit.whitelist $(__wireskip_relays | grep germany)

$ wireskip exec curl ifconfig.co/country


# tunnel all tcp/udp traffic on the system

$ wireskip tun start

$ firefox

# tunnel specific traffic (manually or wrapper scripts)

$ curl --proxy socks5h://$(wireskip config forwarders.socks.address) URL

$ wireskip exec git clone URL

$ wireskip exec chromium-browser [URL]

# tunnel network connections from arbitrary programs

$ wireskip intercept ssh USER@HOST

# define the circuit that fits your needs

$ wireskip config broker.circuit.whitelist "wireskip://relay.example.com:13490"

$ wireskip config broker.circuit.hops 1

At a glance

Wireskip seeks to solve the problems of modern consumer VPNs and onion-routing networks.

Encrypted with multiple layers
Traffic is encapsulated in layers of encryption and routed through a series of relays, each knowing only the required information to perform its job.
Single or multiple hops
Define the amount of hops you prefer in a circuit, less for lower latency, more for increased privacy.
Customizable circuits
By default relays are selected randomly based on the number of hops configured, but you can choose specific relays or a series of relays.
Tunnel all system traffic
All traffic on the system (both TCP and UDP) can be tunneled through the connection broker using the TUN device, just like a regular VPN client.
Or tunnel only specific apps
Any application that supports the SOCKSv5 protocol can be configured to route its traffic through the connection broker. Have an app that doesn't support SOCKS? Intercept its socket connections.
Indistinguishable traffic
Connections are encrypted, multiplexed and encapsulated into regular TLS HTTP/2 traffic. Regular connections to example.com and relaying traffic via example.com look pretty much identical.
No user accounts needed
Access to Wireskip networks is performed with accesskeys, used to cryptographically and independently generate tokens for relays to authorize service.
A powerful API
The client controller provides a REST API used by the CLI, but opens the door for GUI's, web frontends, browser extensions, router and custom integrations.
Open Source
Source code for the client and the relay is available on GitHub, and published under the MIT license. You can build from source, browse the code, and contribute.



Ladar Levison

Privacy and Technology Advisor

Founder, Lavabit

Arturo Filasto

Internet Measurement and Traffic Censorship Advisor

Project Lead at OpenObservatory (OONI)

Micah Anderson

Privacy and Technology Advisor

RiseUp Founder, Calyx Board Member

Derek Zimmer

Security and Privacy Advisor

Executive Director OSTIF.org


Routing Layer Advisor

i2p Android Developer and Maintainer

Susan Sons

Research and Security Advisor

Chief Security Analyst, Indiana University Bloomington

Gael Duval

Integrations Advisor

President and Founder of /e/, Murena, and Mandrake Linux

Perry Kniest

Consumer VPN and Infrastructure Advisor

Founder vpn.asia and HostingKing

Joost Hoogendoorn

Consumer VPN and Infrastructure Advisor

Founder WifiMask VPN

I have worked on decentralized and privacy focused tech that supports internet rights, freedom, and personal data protection for years, and if Wireskip is going to try and solve the net neutrality issue, I want to help support it.

Gael Duval, President of Founder of /e/, Murena, and Mandrake Linux

Ready to try Wireskip?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wireskip?

Wireskip is a consumer VPN for your device. It's different in its scalability (for VPN providers), indistinguishability, and censorship resistance (for consumers).

Why make another protocol?

Wireskip is built to solve specific problems that other VPN protocols do not. While OpenVPN, Wireguard, and even Tor all have their benefits, none of them natively allow for indistinguishable traffic or the type of decentralized scalability and economic sustinability Wireskip is designed to provide.

How can I trust the code?

Wireskip is developed transparently by multiple public collaborating contributors as open source software free to inspect, audit, and modify as desired.

Has Wireskip been audited?

Wireskip is in discussion with OSTIF for an eventual audit.

Is it legal for me to use Wireskip?

A regular question on the internet is “Is Tor or [some] VPN legal in my country?”. We sponsor continued independent research into this topic and you can find the latest legal information here for your specific situation.

Where does the idea for Wireskip come from?

Wireskip is largely based off of the concept of Wireleap, a now unmaintained partially closed source software.

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